A Helpless Argument

(Throwback to the Jan. 2015 devotion)

A common skeptical argument goes something like, “How could a so-called ‘just’ and ‘loving’ god create this terrible world?” Coincidentally (perhaps even ironically), it is often those who suffer the most in this terrible world who cling to God the firmest. I, and maybe you too, live like a god in this 21st century Western world of indoor plumbing, electricity, Wi-Fi, and Costco toilet paper. Who needs a god when I’ve got online shopping and same-day delivery? Almost feels like I could walk on water.

Peter actually tried that once. He even managed it for a while. However, once he took his eyes off the Creator, he sank. He could have blamed an unjust god for creating a cruel world in which man cannot breathe under water. He could have swum away from Jesus, crawled back into the boat, and blamed Him for letting such a travesty happen to him. A just god? My eye! In stark contrast to what the modern man would do, Peter instead looked up through the murky water with lungs, nose, and eyes burning and accepted the fact that he will die without his Maker. Acknowledging that he, in this moment, is totally and irreversibly helpless without his Saviour.

Jesus didn’t grab Peter before he sank. Nor did He grab him before he had the opportunity to be afraid. Instead, Jesus waited for Peter to come to the same realization you and I must come to: that he was helpless without Jesus. Jesus waited for Peter to cry out the same words He waits for you and I to cry out: “Lord, save me!”

Your convictions are not an argument–they’re a declaration. But a soul so helplessly buried in the arms of a risen savior is a baffling argument, indeed.

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